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Bourbon & Vine


Cabernet’s best companion.

Bourbon & Vine was Oak & Eden’s first small-batch expression, and clear fan favorite, so we decided to bring it back for a second edition. We start with bourbon whiskey, aged for two years in new American charred oak barrels, producing a rich, deep and sweet, yet slightly spicy spirit. We then add the magic – a 5” long spiral cut piece of French Oak which had rested in Marker Cellars’ cabernet sauvignon before infusing it into our bottle, finishing our whiskey.

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine

Bourbon whiskey finished with a cabernet steeped french oak spire

Bourbon & Vine

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine


Bourbon Whiskey

Our creation is a remarkably smooth combination of corn, rye and barley. Once distilled, we age our bourbon for two years in new barrels made of American oak producing a rich, deep, yet sweet spirit that is a pleasure to imbibe.


French Oak

Most often used to age wine, we use French Oak to breath new life and inspiration into our whiskey. At bottling, we add a 5” long spiral cut piece of French Oak. This spire is not only exceptional due to it species of origin, it is exceptional because we rest it in cabernet sauvignon before allowing it to rest in our bottle, finishing our whiskey. The combination of American bourbon whiskey, finished with a French Oak spire that has been influenced with deep, rich, red wine creates an inspired elixir that is sweet, fruity and simply remarkable.


Medium Toast

Fire and heat are used to toast the spire, extracting botanicals and flavor expressions that are imparted to our bourbon and in-bottle finishing our spirit.


Marker Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

We partnered with Marker Cellars winery to infuse their cabernet sauvignon into our award-winning Bourbon. Combining sweet bourbon with rich, deep cabernet and French oak produces a whiskey experience like never before.


True to tradition. Steeped in innovation.

Remaining true to the legacy and heritage of those before us who pioneered the creation of bourbon, we boldly pave our own way to innovate upon this rich experience.

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine
Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine

Award-winning encore.

Bourbon & Vine took home Gold Medal at both New York Wine & Spirits Competition 2019 and Texas Whiskey Festival 2019. We knew it was time to bring it back for an encore.



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