Frequently asked questions

For those of you who want to know more; more about us; more about our Whiskey; more about our vision, this page is for you. We will start by posing and answering the most likely questions. Next, any questions you have, that are not included here, we encourage you to ask.  We will answer all questions, but some questions that we deem worthy, we will post to this page. What is even more cool, once a month we will send a free bottle of Oak & Eden Inspired Whiskey to the one who asked the most interesting, community enriching question.


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Where is your distillery and do you host tours?

We do not currently have a distillery and therefore, no tours at this time.


Do you distill your own whiskey?

No, we source our whiskey, but we do blend it, bottle it and finish it with an oak spire.


Do you plan on having your own distillery?

 Yes, in about 6-9 months.


What is your mash-bill

 Bourbon - 60% corn, 36% rye and 4% malted barley

 Rye - 95% rye and 5% malted barley


How old is your whiskey

 The bourbon and the rye are both 2 years old.


How do you finish your whiskey

 Utilizing our proprietary, patented "In-bottle finishing" process. Click here to learn more about the process.


What is in-bottle finishing

 It is a process in which we finish a spirit in a closed glass container using a spiral cut piece of toasted wood.


What type of wood is used to in-bottle finish

 We use a variety of wood types to finish our whiskeys, namely American oak, French oak, Cherry, Ash and Maple, to name just a few.


Why do you call your whiskey "Inspired"

Two reasons.  The first is because we place a spire of wood in the bottle. Hence in-spired whiskey.  The second is a Bible story.  In Genesis 1, God created the Heavens and Earth by speaking, but in Genesis 2, when He created Mankind, He used His hands.  He took the dust of the ground and formed us. Next, he brought us to life by breathing His life into us, or inspiring us.  Similarly, we as (small c) "c"reators, follow (the big C, "C"reator) God's creative lead by taking elements of the Earth, corn, rye and barley and we make a spirit, whiskey, and in so doing figuratively breathe life into our whiskey, which the spire resting in the bottle represents this inspiration


Will you be selling other whiskey expressions?

 Yes.  Our next item is a Cabernet Steeped bourbon whiskey that is finished with a French oak spire that had rested in cabernet sauvignon.


Why do you feature makers?

 Makers are unique. Purposeful. Raw. Makers are dreamers, visionaries, and captivating. They recognize there's something in them, bigger than them, deliberately placed inside that needs to come out. We believe in makers so much that we poured our heart and soul into them. Every photo you see and every story you read on our website is of an actual maker, telling their actual story, pursuing their actual craft.  No models or scripts needed.


How long have you been in business?

 Since April of 2017


Where is your product currently sold?

 We are sold throughout Texas. Coming to Oklahoma and Louisiana in October of 2018.  More states to follow.


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