a Calling that Sounded Like a Bubbling Whiskey Still

We’re two brothers, James and Joseph, humble and true, who have long been inspired by a good bottle of whiskey. So, we got to making some - taking that special additive of charred oak barrels and giving it a twist - a spiral-cut spire, toasted to perfection, which gives our whiskey just the right flavor and character. And glass after glass that we enjoy and bottle after bottle that we finish, we reflect upon how grateful we are for all our blessings.

Joe Giildenzopf
Jamie Giildenzopf


Makers are unique. Purposeful. Raw. Makers are dreamers, visionaries, and captivating. They recognize there's something in them, bigger than them, deliberately placed inside that needs to come out.

We believe in makers so much that we poured our heart & soul into them. Every photo you see and every story you read on our website is of an actual maker, telling their actual story, pursuing their actual craft.  No models or scripts needed.


Here's to the Creator


And here's to the makers — those who are inspired by something so much that they willingly endure long-suffering to refine their craft and make something that lasts. We get it. It's a struggle, long and arduous. That's why we share our creation: amazing whiskey, inspired from within by our spire, enabling our in-bottle finishing, defining our flavor and character, and perfecting our creation. It's a suitable reward for anyone who puts whatever is in them, out there.



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