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Oak & Eden: A Craft Producer Pushes The Boundaries Of Whiskey Innovation

Finishing refers to the practice of maturing a spirit, for short periods of time, in a cask that previously held other liquids. The process allows whiskey makers to add additional layers of flavor to a whiskey. The practice started with the Scotch whisky industry. The technique has become quite common in Scotland and is being adopted by other whiskey producers around the world. It has even been used by other spirit producers, ranging from rum to brandy to tequila…


Top 6 Bourbons Under $100

The question I'm most often asked when I tell folks I manage a food publication is, "What whiskey do you recommend?" There's just something about whiskey and its American counterpart known as bourbon that seems to confuse us all. Heck, even the difference between whiskey and whisky isn't so well-know (whiskey is the American spelling, it's whisky everywhere else).…


Top 10 Whiskeys Made in the U.S.

With so many fantastic whiskey-producing regions of the world, it might be difficult to know where to start. So we made it very easy for you: Drink American whiskey! Although there are plenty of world-class whisk(e)ys hailing from Japan, Canada, Ireland, and (of course) Scotland, the U.S. has become a front-runner in producing quality whiskey…

Hey, there’s wood in my bottle.

Who can argue that wood plays a vital role in the taste of your favorite whisk(e)y. In fact, in a Vinepair article it’s estimated that “wood is responsible for 60 to 75 percent of the taste of a finished whiskey.” More than that, wood is the star of whiskey making with various types of oak, casks that previously held other spirits (even wine), different toasting techniques, even double barrel resting…

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This Indie Producer Invented a New Way to Finish Whiskey

There are several ways whiskey makers go about bottling spirits, but few are as thorough and innovative as “in-bottle finishing” — a method that takes a wooden spire and places it within the bottle of whiskey to continue finishing it outside the barrel. It is a novel, patent-pending approach that Oak & Eden has all but perfected…


New Texas whiskey, Oak & Eden, finds recipe for success with in-bottle aging

The effects of wood on whiskey are profound — mellowing it out, giving it color and imparting it with flavors such as caramel and cinnamon — but these influences don’t have to come completely from a barrel. At least they don’t for one Fort Worth-area whiskey producer, which has developed a process to finish the aging of the spirit in bottles…


Top 12 Bourbons of 2018

Take a walk around the Modern Huntsman office sometime and you'll find no shortage of good whiskey, primarily bourbons, in the space. While we are not claiming to be whiskey experts or even aficionados, we certainly enjoy and appreciate bourbons of all kinds. Before we get into the review, let’s be clear: we are all lay bourbon drinkers and wanted to create a review for those who may or may not be experts or aficionados. We wanted to approach this review the way that the majority of us would actually understand bourbon. It’s important to us that we approached this from the perspective of your casual drinker so we can help make some good decisions for your own bourbon purchases…


Oak & Eden In-Bottle Finished Whiskey

Wood infuses most of the taste in our whiskey, making the barrel aging process essential. Oak & Eden has taken this process one step further, building on the flavor by adding a hand-placed, seasoned and toasted spire of wood into each bottle. The spire imparts a unique and aromatic finish for a deeper, richer taste. Their Bourbon and Rye Whiskey are offered at 90 proof and finished with Oak & Eden's patented spire and innovative in-bottle finishing technique for a truly unique spirit…


We Blind Taste-Tested Eight Popular Bourbons, Here Are Our Notes

Here’s the thing about whiskey and whisky and rye and scotch and bourbon: When they’re bad, they’re boring; when they’re good, they’re complicated. That’s the whole fun of buying good bottles. They make you think. Until you’ve had a few, then they make you not think. (A recipe for a successful product if ever there was one.)…

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Oak & Eden Handcrafts Delicious Whiskey with a Twist 

Bourbon is pretty perfect—made from corn mash and distilled to create a nascent, clear, pure spirit known as “white dog.” The white dog is then placed into newly charred American White Oak barrels for 2 years to give Oak & Eden Bourbon its unique color and flavor. If this was all they did, they’d have a pretty good thing. But they perfect their spirit with a twist: a spire of American Oak, masterfully cut and carefully fired to a medium toast…

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The Fifty Best Rye Whiskeys

The Fifty Best held a “blind” tasting of 36 American rye whiskies with a panel of 15 judges. Strict tasting rules were applied. The order of service was established beforehand by lottery. The ryes were poured into fresh glasses from new sealed bottles, and served at room temperature. Each of the ryes were judged and scored separately. Only ice water, unflavored unsalted crackers and chips were available to cleanse the palate…

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Top 50 Innovative New Spirits of 2018

As the low- and no-alcohol trend continues its rapid growth, London merchant Borough Wines & Beers moved into the category with a non-alcoholic ‘spirit’ that follows the style of London Dry gin last year. Meanwhile, a series of firsts saw the launch of Scotland’s ‘first’ white absinthe, while Teeling unveiled what it describes as the oldest Irish single malt in the world…

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Rye & Rumba Review

Oak & Eden’s newest small-batch expression is a rye whiskey with a Caribbean twist! It starts with a 2-year old rye whiskey (Oak & Eden openly sources their whiskey, primarily, but not exclusively from MGP) that’s been aged in charred American Oak barrels. It’s then in-bottle finished with a Caribbean-Rum soaked Spire of wood. Yes, there is actually a spiral cut piece of wood in the bottle, which is referred to as a “Spire”. 


Rahr & Sons Brewery Collaborates with Whiskey Maker Oak & Eden on The Ale Series

Dallas-based indie whiskey producer, Oak & Eden has announced the upcoming release of their third small batch creation, The Ale Series, a two-part product collaboration with Rahr & Sons Brewery (Fort Worth, Texas) to create Rahr Soaked Malted Oak and Rahr Soaked Hopped Oak. As with all products in the Oak & Eden lineup, these collaborative expressions begin with Oak & Eden’s fully aged whiskey before they are finished…


10 Out-of-the-Box Hostess Gift Ideas

Oak & Eden Cabernet-Steeped Bourbon & Vine. The Lewisville-made bourbon is finished with a piece of French oak steeped in Texas Cabernet...

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Oak & Eden Awarded Two Gold Medals

#1 Whiskey Bottled in Texas — Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine
#1 Bourbon Bottled in Texas — Oak & Eden Bourbon & Spire

international whisky competition

Bourbon & Spire Wins Bronze

Best Bourbon Whiskey — Bronze Medal: Oak & Eden Bourbon & Spire (87.7 pts)