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rye & Spire

a first of its kind.

Like all rye whiskeys, ours starts with a mash-bill of exceptional rye, masterfully distilled and then aged in charred new American oak barrels. Time does its work, the angels take their share, and what is left is a spicy, fruity spirit, drier and full of body — distinct, distinguished and delicious. 

When Oak & Eden rye enters the bottle, it takes a turn; a turn for the better. To each vessel we add a charred oak spire, meticulously crafted and forged in fire, adding more spice, rich notes of caramel, and deep and flavorful hints of smoke and coffee, accentuating this beautiful masterpiece.  

The addition of our spire to finish our rye whiskey is completely unique to Oak & Eden.  In fact, the process used to produce our spire is patented and our innovative in-bottle finishing technique is patent pending.


Oak & Eden Rye & Spire

the Spirit

rye whiskey

We believe Rye Whiskey should be bold In flavor, rich In depth and distilled from rye, 95% rye, that is. Once distilled, we age our rye in charred barrels made of American oak. We bottle our rye at 90 proof. Perfect for cocktails.


American oak

Now that our masterpiece Is bottled, we begin our Inspirational, finishing work. Unlike traditional finished whiskey, we do not rest our whiskey in a secondary cask, but finish our whiskey "in-bottle". We do this by resting the cask, or more precisely, a spiral cut piece of wood in our bottle. This in-spire-ation, or as we call It, our spire, Is made of American Oak, toasted and precisely crafted to Impart hearty, bold notes and balance.



Fire and fire alone are used to char these spires. The Intense heat coming from the fire caramelizes the wood, producing a charcoal filter and finishing agent for our spirit.


smoke, caramel & tobacco

This hearty, bold and artisan combination of rye, wood and fire, produce a whiskey that is spicy yet smooth with balanced notes of smoke, caramel and tobacco.

45% ALC/VOL (90 PROOF)


For those who
go further


Oak & Eden Rye is crafted for those who take the path less traveled. For those who believe life is a journey and the destination is what you make it. For those who cherish the challenge and honor the reward. To live fearlessly is to fully live. Cheers to you!


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