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Oak & Eden In-Bottle Finished Whiskey is a first of its kind, pioneering a patent-pending technique called in-bottle finishing™, where we place a 5” long spiral cut piece of wood into every bottle of our fully aged whiskey. This technique “inspires” our whiskey, breathing new life, flavors, and aromas that couldn’t be achieved in a single barrel alone.

We don’t want to assume everyone knows what “finished” or “double barrel” whiskey is, so let’s familiarize ourselves with the concept as a whole before going any further.


This is a legitimate innovation and one to get excited about.

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Oak & Eden Finished Whiskey

Let’s talk about whiskey.

It all has to do with wood. With hundreds of botanicals and countless flavor and texture characteristics inside any given species of wood, it is responsible for most of the flavor and all of the color in any whiskey. A good whiskey has more to do with the wood than it does the spirit, which is why creating a distilled spirit only takes a couple weeks, but a fully finished whiskey takes years. 

After the spirit is distilled, every whiskey ages in a barrel that has been exposed to fire. Over the course of several years, the barrel is subject to the various seasons and polarizing weather changes, forcing it to expand and contract, effectively breathing the whiskey in and out of the wood, where, over time, it adopts the color, flavors, botanicals, oils, and sugars from the wood. After a few years, a beautiful, flavorful spirit is born, made possible by wood.



What sets us apart?

At Oak & Eden, we start the process traditionally by curating some of the finest fully-aged whiskey in America, sourced from a select handful of carefully selected distilleries in America. We then break tradition in the finishing process. Some whiskies are finished in a second barrel made from a different wood origin than the first barrel they aged in. Why? To expand the compounds of flavor varietals and finish characteristics.

We liked finished whiskey a lot, but thought there was a better way – a way to innovate at bottle level. This innovation led us to pioneer a technique that we have patented, called In-Bottle Finishing. Instead of finishing the whiskey in a secondary barrel, we put the secondary barrel (our Spire) into the bottle. Spiral-cut to maximize surface area, uniquely fired to perfection for each whiskey we create, and infused to our liking with other exquisite libations, the end result of In-Bottle Finishing is a smooth, sweet, creamy spirit that is sanctified, or set apart as perfect.


In-bottle finishing™.
It’s the genesis of everything we do.

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