The Spire

meet the heart of our whiskey.



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Every iconic recipe has a secret ingredient

Oak & Eden is no different. Actually, maybe we are a little different. Why? Well, we're going to actually tell you about our secret ingredient. It's not a flashy gimmick or trend. Our secret ingredient is the heart of our whiskey and is the inspiration behind our pursuit to create incredible in-spired whiskey.

Before we share our secret, let’s start with the basics.

Spirit | Wood | Fire | Spice

So, what is our secret ingredient? We call it a spire and it is the single-most emblematic component that defines our culture, our vision, and our whiskey. Take a look at the photo above. See that spiral piece of wood inside the bottle, leaning from the bottom-right corner to the top-left corner? That's our spire, and it's got soul.

We start with Spirit, namely whiskey.  We "in-bottle finish" our whiskey with Wood, a spiral cut piece of wood that was exposed to Fire producing depth, character and Spice.  The lighter the toast on the spire, the sweeter the flavor profile.  The heavier the toast the deeper the flavor.  By changing the wood type, such as American Oak, French Oak, or Maple, we creatively introduce new botanicals, essences and nuances that take our whiskey to new heights. 

Oak & Eden


Many people are familiar with the process of distilling and maturing whiskey, but very few people are familiar with the concept of finishing whiskey. Here's how it goes. Finished whiskey, is a procedure that some whiskeys undergo whereby the spirit is aged in a cask of a particular origin and then is transferred (or finished) in a cask of different origin. Typically, the first cask is an American oak cask. The second cask may be one that has been used to mature some sort of fortified wine, beer, rum, or virtually any other consumable alcohol that can introduce new flavors to the whiskey beyond its original profile.

This concept led our founders to test new concepts in which they could finish whiskey in a way that is innovative, yet also makes the whiskey significantly better. After years of research and product design, they developed a concept called "in-bottle finishing".

Rather than a whiskey being immersed into a cask and finished, the idea was to immerse the cask into the whiskey bottle. Herein lies the problem (and the solution): how does one put a cask into a bottle of whiskey? One epiphany led to another, and the concept of the spire was born.



So, what exactly is the Oak & Eden spire? It is a spiral-cut piece of wood from botanically rich woods, such as American Oak, French Oak, Maple, Cherry or Ash. Once the spires are cut, they are then toasted or charred to various degrees in order to extract different and unique flavors from the whiskey.

For instance, if a spire made from an oak is lightly toasted, it mellows the tannins in the wood and extracts the natural sugars to impart spicy, vanilla note. A charred wood, however, ends up becoming an activated carbon filter, which can help remove sulfur compounds from the whisky, and make a smoother drink, imparting flavors of caramel, smoke, tobacco and plenty of spicy accents.



Let's get technical for a moment. We have designed the spire to be 5" in length. The surface area of the spire according to the volume of whiskey in a bottle of Oak & Eden is substantial and finishes our whiskey faster and more precisely than finishing it in any cask. Why? Fairly simple science. If a whiskey is to rest inside a cask, the only whiskey that is truly finishing and adopting the flavors of the resting cask is the whiskey that is in physical contact with the inner surface area of the cask itself at any given moment.  In order to finish all of the liquid in the cask you need to give both the liquid and the cask "time".  A lot of time.  Our spire, and the relative surface area finish our whiskey with less time and with more flavor.  



Yes. Not only is the process used to create our spire unique it is patented.  Next the process of inserting our spire into our bottle to finish our whiskey in bottle is patent pending.  So, the conclusion is we make exceptional whiskey.  We finish it in bottle using a technique that is completely innovative and incredibly efficacious (that means, it works).   

The rest is up to you.  Cheers.