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What is Whiskey Inspired?

Oak & Eden. The name pays gracious homage to both the perfection of the Creator who breathed His unique spirit into us - and the wood that infuses our other favorite spirit with its complex flavor. We boldly build upon our Whiskey's unrivaled taste by adding a twist - a hand-placed, seasoned and toasted spire of wood that imparts a unique and aromatic finish to every bottle. The spire perfects our creation, imbuing a deeper, richer taste and producing a truly inspired whiskey. We hope it will inspire you to creation, too.


Thank god for good whiskey

Oak & Eden Bourbon

The Bourbon

Bourbon is pretty perfect: made from a corn mash, distilled to create a nascent, clear, pure spirit known as “white dog.” The white dog is then placed into newly charred American White Oak barrels for 2 years to give our Bourbon it’s unique color and flavor. We follow the rules to the letter, on our honor. Our product is true to its name.

If this was all we did, we’d have a pretty good thing on our hands. But we perfect our spirit a bit more with a twist: a spire of American Oak, masterfully cut and carefully fired to a medium toast. Hand placed in every bottle, it "in-bottle finishes" our Bourbon, imparting sweet, fruity notes and hints of honey to our version of this all-American Bourbon whiskey. 

The addition of our spire to finish our whiskey is completely unique to Oak & Eden.  In fact, the process used to produce our spire is patented and our innovative in-bottle finishing technique is patent pending.

90 Proof  •  Medium Toasted Oak Finish  •  Smooth & Balanced  •  Honey and Vanilla Notes



The Rye

Like all rye whiskeys, ours starts with a mash-bill of exceptional rye, masterfully distilled and then aged in charred new American oak barrels. Time does its work, the angels take their share, and what is left is a spicy, fruity spirit, drier and full of body — distinct, distinguished and delicious. 

When Oak & Eden rye enters the bottle, it takes a turn; a turn for the better. To each vessel we add a charred oak spire, meticulously crafted and forged in fire, adding more spice, rich notes of caramel, and deep and flavorful hints of smoke and coffee, accentuating this imbibable masterpiece.  

The addition of our spire to finish our rye whiskey is completely unique to Oak & Eden.  In fact, the process used to produce our spire is patented and our innovative in-bottle finishing technique is patent pending.


90 Proof  •  charred Oak Finish  •  deep & spicy  •  Smoke & Tobacco Notes

Oak & Eden Rye

Oak & Eden Cabernet Steeped Bourbon

limited edition small batch

Cabernet steeped bourbon

We start with whiskey, bourbon whiskey, distilled from corn, rye and barley. We age our whiskey for two years in new American charred oak barrels, which produces a rich, deep and sweet, yet slightly spicy spirit. Exceptional on its own, but our work has just begun. Now we sanctify this spirit with wood.

Most often used to age wine, we use French Oak to breath new life and inspiration into our whiskey. At bottling, we add a 5 inch long spiral cut piece of French Oak. We call this our "Spire". This spire is not only exceptional due to it species of origin, it is exceptional because we rest it in cabernet sauvignon for 4 weeks before allowing it to rest in our bottle, finishing our whiskey. The combination of American bourbon whiskey, finished with a French Oak spire that has been influenced with deep, rich, red wine creates an inspired elixir that is sweet, fruity and simply remarkable.

Fire and heat are used to toast our french oak spire, extracting botanicals and flavor expressions that are imparted to our bourbon and in-bottle finishing our spirit.

Combining sweet bourbon, with rich, deep cabernet and french oak, produces a creative whiskey experience that must be imbibed to fully appreciate.


90 Proof  •  cabernet steeped  •  fruity & sweet



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Inspired Cocktails

Our whiskey drinks superbly by itself, but, if you want a great tasting whiskey cocktail, you are going to need to start with a great tasting whiskey. And Oak & Eden provides a uniquely layered and complex flavor that pairs divinely with any mixer to ensure a perfect finish.

Below are some of our cocktail recipes designed to up the ante on your mixology game.